How To Write An Optimism Essay And Topics To Consider

If you need to write an optimism essay, there are several topics to work with. This guide will highlight a couple of these topics with samples to help you start. Don’t forget to come up with an outline after picking a topic. This outline will be your guide to ensure that you keep things logical.

Writing An Optimism Essay With Samples

One topic for your paper is the power of optimism. What is this power? How can individuals be more optimistic? How can they harness this power to enhance their lives for the better? Everybody has hoped, desired or wished to change their life at some point. Where does this positive change start? It starts with disposition, perspective, and outlook on life.

Another topic is a comparison of optimism and pessimism. One study revealed that optimism can be pointless when a person receives bad news. Pessimism lets the person prepare himself for the bad news. It also allows the person to develop coping skills to bear the news. Optimists may have issues when it comes to negative situations. The study finds that pessimism is a coping mechanism while optimism leaves the person without a coping strategy.

One interesting topic for an optimism essay is the impact of optimism on our health. A study has examined the relationship between all-cause mortality and dispositional optimism. The findings suggest that there is a protective relationship between our health and dispositional optimism. This study found that among the 941 subjects, there were higher numbers of death in pessimistic individuals. The results showed that behavioral factors may affect mortality. Some include alcohol consumption, physiological factors, and body mass index.

The tyranny of optimism is another great topic to consider for your paper. Optimism is more than just a state of mind. It involves believing in the best possible outcome and dwelling on hopeful results. For some years, optimism has become an empire or a power in itself. One author highlighted the links between the American culture and the ideological force of optimism.

The importance of optimism is also another topic to consider. You have to decide if you are a glass-half-empty or a glass-half-full person. Think about the statement of Abraham Lincoln which says that many people as just as happy as they set their minds to be. How does a person put up the glass half full approach at all times even in the toughest situations?

The final topic here is a comparison between optimism and personality trait. An optimist always believes that something good will happen to him. One common idiom that illustrates optimism vs. pessimism is the glass half full and half-empty approach. An optimist sees a glass half full while the pessimist sees a glass half empty.

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