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If you are tasked with writing a ‘my favorite things essay,’ there are so many topics to choose from. To start, think about the things you love to do. If you choose a familiar topic, the essay will be a breeze. Of course, this type of essay has to be written in the first-person narrative. You can choose to write about your hobbies. Do you like to sing, dance or read? Let your readers know why you chose that hobby in your paper. Give them a rundown of the events of your day with your favorite things. Here’s a sample of ‘my favorite things essay’.

How To Write ‘My Favorite Things Essay

There are a lot of activities that take my time, but the best one of all is photography. I am not a professional photographer but I hope to be one soon. I use my smartphone or camera to take photographs of people and things around me. Some things that catch my eye include trees and plant. The landscape also captures my attention.

Taking pictures is my hobby and I use my Canon DSLR. I take beautiful pictures but I believe I could do better if I expand my horizon and take more pictures of landscapes. One background I would love to capture is a desert. A nice setting would be a family having a picnic while sharing stories. When I cannot take my camera along, I use my phone. The phone is an iPhone 8+ and takes decent photos. I use the phone for impromptu shots like when I see an exotic animal on my way from school.

It makes me happy to take photographs of the things I come across. My collection contains pictures of different types of trees. There are a lot of decorative trees in my region so it is always a perfect shot. Also, I love to take pictures of stray cats around the neighborhood. The creatures are adorable quite photogenic. I also love to take photos of my friends while they are unaware because the best pictures are taken that way. The best pictures make it to Instagram and some have gone viral in the past.

Photography is not just a hobby; it is an escape for me. Doing it makes me feel like I’m in another world. One day, I hope to become a professional photographer who travels around the world and captures happy moments and the beauty of nature.

In conclusion, the best thing I like to do is take pictures. I take photos with my camera and phone and I have been able to capture the best moments of life and nature. This hobby makes me smile and this is extended to people around me when I take pictures of them.

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