Essay On Being On Time Sample and Tips

When you are tasked with writing an essay on being on time, there are a lot of things to consider. You must show your readers why being on time is essential. Let them know the benefits of being on time. You can also cite some popular people who were always on time as examples. Prepare your outline and start writing your paper. Here is a sample essay to find ideas from.

Essay On Being On Time – Sample Paper

When it comes to being on time, George Washington was unrivaled. He was known for his scrupulous regard for timekeeping. He once asked a man to come by with some horses so he could buy one at 5 am. The man arrived 15 minutes late and was told that Washington had other matters to attend to. One time, he set up a meeting with congress for noon and was already in the chamber before the clock hit noon. This promptness also extended to mealtimes. Washington always ate dinner at 4 pm, and if he had guests for dinner, they had to be present before the time, or they would meet him halfway through the meal.

We no live in a time when people wear powdered wigs and knickers, but being on time is still as important as it used to be then. It is known as a solid virtue. Punctuality is related to self-mastery, integrity, respect, and discipline. It is a crucial component of the trait of an upright person. It embodies discipline and respect for oneself and others.

The importance of being on time isn’t universal. It varies in different cultures. In Latin America, the meeting times are fuzzy, and life moves at different paces. However, punctuality is still valued in such places. When you are punctual, it reveals your integrity and strengthens it. If you set a meeting for a particular date, you have made a promise to the person. If you say you’ll be at the venue by 10 am, and arrive by 10.15 am, you have broken the promise. When you are on time, it tells more about your character. Your potential business partner will see that you are true to your word.

When you are on time, it shows that you are dependable. When you are always at your post, carrying out your duties at the right time, people will know that they can rely on you. They take your word for it. If you are never on time, they know they cannot depend on you. They fear that you may not be available when you are direly needed. Such doubts may affect you in so many ways. It can make them question your other ability. Why should they trust you with their money if you cannot keep time?

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