The Do’s and Don’ts of Biology Homework

Biology is a science that guides you to understand the way of working of the bodies of living things and organisms. Most students have a hard time understanding biology due to the vast amount of information they must master. The workload in any biology class is intense; however, they are simple steps that will help with biology homework and are study tips for biology exams that are just simple do’s and don’ts when handling your homework.

The Do’s

  1. Learn key terminologies root words

Most scientific terminologies have origins from Latin. They are usually with a prefix or suffix. The trick is to learn the root words of the terms and the definitions of each to remember easily. Over time you will find it easy to spell and grasp. Also, you will easily understand questions.

  1. Draw diagrams and label them well

Diagrams provide an idea of how you approached a question and answered it. Using diagrams, you have a clear idea of the point you wanted to make, and you get to easily remember where different organs are located in the human body. If you find it hard working with diagrams, study several science books with good diagrams to familiarize yourself.

  1. Review your notes

Your notes are very important when it comes to Biology. You won’t need many other forms of homework help in biology with well-written notes. Highlight key points in every topic and read them frequently to aid remembrance. Make notes where possible, depending on how well you have understood the topics covered in your homework.

  1. Have a schedule for studying

It is good to have a schedule with enough time allocated to studying biology as it is a complex science. Have all study materials assembled once you are ready to tackle your homework. Allocate enough time to your biology homework to tackle the questions well.

The Don’ts

  1. Allow distractions in your workspace

It is crucial to ensure the place you are studying from is conducive for learning and free from distraction. With proper focus, you will avoid making minor mistakes and missing out on full marks. Keep away from your phone and stay away from TV to have maximum concentration when answering homework questions.

  1. Think negatively about Biology

Biology is interesting at the same time very complicated when you try studying it. With the right mindset and positivity, you will easily take in the complex bits of the subject. Negative thoughts will lower your quality of output when it comes to your homework or exam. You may even be tempted to cheat on biology homework, an action that has severe consequences later. With positivity, you will learn to appreciate the complexity of the subject and see its significance in your life.

  1. Avoid cramming

Cramming makes you be like a robot in that any changes or new situations that you are not familiar with makes you get distracted, confused and unable to figure out concept outside the crammed concepts. Avoid rushing to do your biology homework just to get done with it. Take your time to research while still learning new concepts to understand better. Allocate adequate time to your biology assignment so that you don’t have to rush at the last minute writing down answers you had crammed. The purpose of homework is to promote wide thinking and enables your professor to understand how well you understood the study topics.


It would help if you did not take biology homework to be difficult when you get to hear you are being given an assignment. Be positive and see homework as a learning opportunity to discover more than just what you learned in class. Make it interesting to read and cross-reference various reading materials to grasp concepts fully.

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