To write an excellent persuasive essay on school uniforms, you need to take a stance, know your audience and research thoroughly. The topic of school uniforms in high school is a controversial one. some people believe that uniforms should be a compulsory item while others do not. Your professional essay needs to take a strong stand either for or against it. however, as you write it, do not forget to reflect on the arguments against your the point of view and the benefits of your beliefs.

How To Write The School Uniforms Essay

Like every other essay, it should be divided into three parts; the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction needs to contain the thesis where you will give an answer to the question “why should students wear school uniforms” or not if you chose to oppose the motion. Think about the stance you want to argue for and consider a good way to state your point.

Below is an introduction sample that argues for and against the statement:

For: school uniforms help check modesty of students during classes. It ensures that the students have access to well-fitting and comfortable clothing. Another benefit of wearing uniforms is that it removes class distinctions between the students so both rich and poor students can coexist.

school uniforms restrict personal expression and can be uncomfortable for students. Also, wearing school uniforms force kids into gender roles which may affect their perception of such roles.

Writing The Body Of The Essay

The body needs to expand on the thesis by outlining and supporting all the points. It would be good to add some statistics that help support your arguments. Anecdotes can also come in handy as well as appeals to emotion and common-sense appeals.

Here is a body sample

For: school uniforms need to be compulsory clothing attires in school. They reduce the time students spend on frivolous activities like shopping. Also, they are cheap to maintain as they reduce expenditure spent on purchasing clothes. Wearing uniforms can reduce appearance-based bullying. They could also keep students safe by ensuring that they appear as students.

Against: in today’s world, there are so many reasons why students should not wear school uniforms. One is that it forces students to follow a particular mold. It isn’t clear yet if uniforms prevent bullying since the matter is still a subject of debate. Another disadvantage is that the uniforms are gotten from a single place and this can cause some friction between the parties.

When you conclude the essay, take your reader back to your thesis. Ensure that all the points have been covered. Highlight the points and request that the readers take action. You can get writing help or pay someone to do my homework for me online if you don’t know how to craft it all by yourself.

Here’s a sample

For: for safer and more peaceful schools as well as reduced bills on shopping, uniforms should be compulsory. It would benefit students and parents as well so it is recommended that your school board implements the rule immediately.

Against: why should students be restricted from expressing themselves? They are leaders of tomorrow and must grow into character. Let them dress how they please as it doesn’t hurt anyone.